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       Contact Person :

          Mr. Nikko Garcia

       MOB:+63 908 622 2214
       Facebook name: Nikko Garcia
        Bacolod City,the Philippines
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        • Introduction
        • INKSUN
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        Direct to garment ink(DTG ink)

        INKSUN DTG ink is suitable for directly printing on pure cotton garment and without dye-fixing agent.


        This pigment ink is specially designed for Konica Minolta printhead industrial textile printers. With excellent dry and wet rubbing fastness, the ink has perfect fluency, stability and soft handle, it can directly print on pure cotton garment and all kinds of fabric.

        Applicable models:

          For EPSON ME30/ME33 and  All EPSON 4 color printers

          For EPSON R220/230 4Color/6Color

          Also for EPSON 290/A50/T50/P50/1400


          4 Color K.C.M.Y

          6 Color K.C.M.Y.LC.LM

               and White


          100ml, 200ml, 500ml, 1KG, 5KG,20KG packaging for your choice.

        Product Composition:

          water, pigment, wetting agent, dispersant ,resin,chelating agent, bactericide etc.


            1. Through 200 nanoscale fine filtration, the ink can support 360dpi to 5760 dpi printing.
            2. According to printing speed and fabric, customer can choose their own print precision. This ink can perform well at different precision, protect the printhead and keep it work stably.
            3. Suit for pure cotton and all kinds of fabric, excellent dry and wet rubbing fastness, soft handle, good fluency and stability.
            4. Simple process, short flow, complete and high quality accessory products.
            5. Soft handle, high fastness, all fastness reached the requirement of international textile standard.
            6. For color, this pigment textile ink improved the hiding rate and performance of black and white ink.


        Prepare the printed fabric – Digital inkjet print – Drying (150Celsius Degree,3Minutes ) –  Finish( without dye-fixing agent)

        DTG ink    

          For EPSON ME30/ME33 and  All EPSON 4 color printers

          For EPSON R220/230 4Color/6Color

          Also for EPSON 290/A50/T50/P50/1400

        pure cotton garment pretreating agent    

        A spray coating for pure cotton. Works with INKSUN DTG white ink.

        cleaning agent    
        1   Cleaning Ink for Printer Head Using DTG Ink
        Pure cotton T shirt   Pure cotton T shirt


        Pure cotton T shirt    


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