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       Contact Person :

          Mr. Nikko Garcia

       MOB:+63 908 622 2214
       Facebook name: Nikko Garcia
        Bacolod City,the Philippines
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        • Introduction
        • INKSUN Brand
        • OEM
        • Bottle

        Dye Ink For HP5100/5500

        Compatible Printer:

          For HP Design jet 5000/5100/5500




          INKSUN Packing:1kg/bottle, 24bottles/box.

          Neutral Packing: 1kig/bottle, 20-23bottles/box.

        Product Composition:

          Using high-quality imported raw material:water,organic solvent,salt-free dye,wetting agent,dispersant,chelating agent,bactericide etc.


          1. Factory direct supply.
          2. High quality with competitive price.
          3. Raw Materials comes from Germany

          4. According to actual test, every head can print 8-10 kg
          5. strict tests in Low -18 Celsius Degree and high 60 Celsius Degree.
          6. Good resistant, no clog nozzle.
          7. Comprehensive and vivid color performance.


          Sealed, keep away from sunshine.


        Dye Ink For HP5100   Dye Ink For HP5500
        1   1

        For HP Design jet 5000/5100/5500.Every print-head can print 8-10 kg.

        Using Germany raw material, mass printing, never clogged nozzle.



        Sharp Mouth Cap   Foil Paper Sealed
        Convenient for adding ink.   Foil paper sealed.
        Dye Ink ForHP5100   Dye Ink For HP5100
        1   1

        For HP Design jet 5000/5100/5500.Every print-head can print 8-10kg.

        Using Germany raw material,mass priting,never clogged nozzle.


        Customer can put own label.


        HP5100(OEM)   HP5100(OEM)
        1   1

        Customer can put owm label.


        Customer can put own label.

        Cap   Foil Paper Sealed
        Special cap   Foil paper sealed
        Outer Packing   Outer Packing
        1   1

        20-23 bottles/box, 1kg/bottle.

          The side of the box.
        Outer Packing    
        The face of the box.    
        “Tianwei”   “Sharp Mouth”
        1   1

        1 kg/bottle


        1 kg/bottle

        NO.1   “rocket”
        1   1
        1 kg/bottle   1 kg/bottle
        1 kg/bottle    


        INKSUN Science and Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved

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