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       Contact Person :

          Mr. Nikko Garcia

       MOB:+63 908 622 2214
       Facebook name: Nikko Garcia
        Bacolod City,the Philippines
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        CISS For EPSON C110

        Compatible Printer:

          For EPSON C110/1100/OFFICE 70

        Colors Range:



          specification, bracket, syringe

        Product Features:

          1.Patented product, beautiful shape.
          2.With hard cover, prevent the dust in air.
          3.Mass printing, never clogged nozzle.


          For initial use, please open the air inlet and empty the ink in the air inlet barn.


        CISS For EPSON C110   CISS For EPSON C110

        For EPSON C110/1100/OFFICE 70

        Patented product, beautiful shape.
        With hard cover, prevent the dust in air.
        Mass printing, never clogged nozzle.

        Inner Packing   Pipeline Support
        Inner packing   Pipeline support
        “Kangdu”Box   “OEM”Box

        Yellow Box


        Blue Box

        Side   Face
        1   1
        The side of box.   The face of box.
        Specification(face)   Specification(back)
        1   1
        Specification   Specification




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