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       Contact Person :

          Mr. Nikko Garcia

       MOB:+63 908 622 2214
       Facebook name: Nikko Garcia
        Bacolod City,the Philippines
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        • Introduction
        • Picture

        Six Heads Ink Fill Machine

        A.Easy Operation

        Turn on the power, according to the size of the bottle to set filling time, tread down pedal switch, begin to filling. It stops when time out.


        1. Safety and anticorrosion, can be filled with various organic solvents: It adopts microdiaphragm pump. Its flow is large and it can self suction.
        2. Quantitative: You can set the time to realize quantitative. The range of time is 0.1s-99.9s. Generally for 100ml, you can set 3s.
        3. Control the flow velocity:avoid ink produce steam bubble when you fill ink.
        4. Fill ink arbitrarily: If the automatic fill ink doesn't reach your requirement, you can use the pedal to fill the ink arbitrarily.
        5. Pedal filling: You use the pedal to fill ink and use you hands to do others. Tread down pedal switch, began filling, it will stop automatically.
        6. Pipeline automatic switch: It can prevent ink backflow and drops.
        7. Automatic recording system: It will show the quantity of filling bottles.
        8. Multiple filling: You can use 1-6 heads at the same time to filling.
        9. Safety: It adopts 12V DC voltage, safe to human body.
        10. Water and electricity separation: You can place the machine freely.
        11. Self suction: water absorbent and gas suction.

        C.Technical Data

        1. Rated Voltage:110-220V
        2. Max Power:120W
        3. Max Flow:2000ml/minute(single head)×6=12L/minute(6 heads)
        4. Max Fill Quantity(100ml):1200bottles/hour×6=7200 bottles/hour(6 head)
        5. Quantitative Range:10ml-3L


        Ink Fill Machine(Face)   Ink Fill Machine

        Water and electricity separation


        You can place it freely.

        Ink Fill Machine   Ink Fill Machine(panel)
        1   1

        You can place it freely.

          power switch,counters,voltage meter, flow regulation button etc
        Anticorrosion Pump    
        Anticorrosive self-suction pump    


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